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Work With Me

I hear you –

You’ve trawled the internet for a quick answer but everything seems to contradict itself? You’re struggling to get over that doubt or guilt that you won’t be able to actually get to your goalpost? In your mind you know where you want to get to but actually physically getting there is a bit like trying to run in honey?

Preach it.

Life with horses can be

  • a whirlwind of comments – can’t believe you don’t put your horse out at 7.56am and bring it in at 3.42pm – are you even a horse owner?

  • a pile of judgment – your horse deserves a new rug each year, I can’t believe you didn’t know that. How much do you actually know about horses…

  • too much fluff to ever get to the nitty gritty – I JUST want to buy fly spray, not the fly spray that gives my horse wings and makes them poo glitter… grrr.

  • far too expensive – where those prices are plucked from, I will NEVER know!

  • a minefield of information – so only 8 hours of green, organic, natural grass is good for my horse, but as a wild animal he lived on 24/7 grass…why is this a such a grey area?!

  • a whole load of confusion with your own mindset – in the immortal words of R.Kelly – my mind is telling me yessss but my body is telling me no…

  • a rollercoaster of emotions – I want to ride but I also need to muck out and poo pick – if I don’t do it all, and move my house slightly to the left in the next 10 minutes, the world will fall apart…

If you had a magic wand, or a genie with unlimited wishes,

some of that wishlist might be

  • simple systems to survive

  • a conversation with a like – minded person

  • a brainstorm as to how to get from A to B without having to go an excessively long way around

  • a chat to brain dump

  • plain and simple help

  • a path through the mine field of mindset madness – with a shoulder to shout/rant/cheer with

  • a helping hand, just to get you over this last hump

Talking and discussing issues can help you sort out what you need to approach and smash, or what you need to let go, physically and/or mentally, to allow yourself to run free and live your dreams. But knowing who to chat to, is another big question.

I would love to help you grab your dreams by the horns and jump with joy!

What you will get from working with me:

  • an hour or a week of my email attention to chat through or brain dump what you are struggling with

  • tips and tricks to jump over those boulders

  • simple mindset adjustments to help with the noise in your head

  • to chat to a horse rider and owner with over 15 years experience in this crazy world

  • subscription to my tips and tricks email list for on-going reminders

  • confidential correspondence with a qualified riding instructor

There is METHOD to your madness, there is PEACE in your chaos and you CAN find the solution and the PATH through what your thoughts are throwing at you.

Imagine coffee, the sun on our backs, and the stench of horse manure coming from the muck heap and the honest answer to


That’s where I like to start

There are two ways in which you can work with me:

121 Intervention Call 

If you’re feeling really flustered and need to talk it through, we can have an hour-long chat to unmuddle your problems and get you back on the horse (pun absolutely intended). This is perfect for you if you know what you want, but struggle to unravel the scrambled path in front of you or would just like to brain dump at someone or ultimately needs to talk to a human rather than their horse for an hour!

Prices start from £50/hr

Email support

If you just want some accountability or to check that you’re doing ok, you can have unlimited access to me in my inbox (lucky you!) for a week. Ask questions, send over any problems and we can make sure you feel more confident with what you’re doing by the end of the week – you are my focus for a full week!

Prices start from £80/week

I agree, you don’t need to think anymore about it!

Get in touch either by winging an email my way – or a DM on Instagram

I’m very excited to hear from you!