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What happened when I tried Just Jodz Leggings

OK. Picture the scene, I’m pottering around the yard, lifting hay bales, sweeping and the sun is burning down on my back. My jods are tight when I bend down to pick out Oscar’s hooves and the need to wee is so much more whenever I stand up…

I just cannot find the right balance between stylish and practical. I have always wanted to find some comfy and smart leggings, and quite honestly I was never too sure about riding in leggings but I have had my mind swayed recently.

To be honest, that is what happened when I tried the Just Jodz Leggings.

Features that really got me intrigued:

  • A phone pocket with a top so you don’t lose your keys, the phone pocket also holds my iPhone XS Max, and without pulling my leggings down too!

  • The colour is something else, combined with their beautiful logo, the blue really has the POW POW effect

  • They stay up, so many leggings are wonderful and smart but they don’t stay up when you’re riding or when you’re functioning! I am addicted to comfort and systems, and these leggings get the pair.

Did you know that Just Jodz leggings are super affordable and they’re also highwaisted!

Quite honestly, the greatest thing about horse riding kit is when it fits and is allowed to stretch too! And I can bend down to pick up hay bales without feeling cut in half!

Thank you Just Jodz, you’ve revolutionised my yard and riding experience, no more sweating this summer!

This product was gifted, but all the opinions are all my own.