The Hooves and Love Naturally Clean Gift Box Experience

I am not going to lie, I do have a thing about an untidy horse, or yard, and I have slight OCD about trying to get everything smart.

Is it weird that I always feel that people are looking at my yard/horse with a very critical view, to be honest I bet they don’t even notice the dirt or the mud – or even see what I see.

None the less, to receive a gift in the form of the Hooves and Love Naturally Clean Gift Box was simply music to my ears.

You cannot ask for more of a pleasant experience with Hooves and Loves’ gift boxes, as you will know from the Hooves and Love Time for a Cuppa Gift Box – I am all about the hand written letter and the thoughtful smelling box – read it to get the context! Wink

Emma, from Hooves and Love puts her heart into each box, ‘Each and every gift box is individually put together, wrapped, stamped and parcelled up, by me, taking the greatest care in presentation to ensue you the ultimate experience when opening this special gift. I want you to enjoy the experience of choosing, buying, giving or receiving any of my gift boxes

The products in the Naturally Clean Gift Box bring tears of joy to my eyes for the following reasons:

  • The Wooden Handle Mud Scrubbing Brush – I LOVE a stiff brush, there is nothing a stiff brush cannot do – from cleaning boots, to scrubbing water buckets, to brushing out the wheels on your car, to firmly cleaning out the green moss off your wall – a stiff brush has it all.

  • I am all about simple systems to keep the condition and health of my horse to the utmost of standards – and that includes his tack – the Topline Naturals range UK and certified organic by The Soil Association and quite honestly, my tack hasn’t looked so good!

  • I do enjoy a last minute oil rub or stain remover rub before entering that ring, and the Microfiber towel is just the ticket. Here’s to more prize winnings!!

Thank you Hooves and Love for such an original gift set, with the va va voom in the packaging too.

Let’s get smart!

This is a gifted item, but the experiences and opinions are all mine