Tea Review, Spring 2020

What a leading title, maybe there is more to come, who know! To be honest, my love for tea isn’t going to die, so there probably will be more!

If you had the luxury of viewing the tea reviews first hand on Instagram – you are very welcome!

For others that didn’t, I picked a tea out of a bowl and then gave a review of the tea – pretty much what it says on the tin! I am a sucker for an Earl Grey and have a snobby approach to it, but it was fun to taste different teas and I have discovered a variety that I now can my favourites! Variety is the spice of life after all!

I have written these in chronological order of when I drank them rather than favourites!

Enjoy tasting!!

Day 1 – 30th March – Rooibos

Confusing on what the flavour is – one minute orange, one minute cherry, then herbal. Still deciding – but very nice packaging!

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Day 2 – 31st March – Bellevue Peppermint Tea

Rather nice, not too intense, not too weak, doesn’t give you the cold taste after usual mint which would be my only critic!

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Day 3 – 1st April – Born Wild Tea, Reggae Refresh

It’s good, it’s like a light spicy, floral, tasty, yummy, fruity tea and comes out white!

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Day 4 – 2nd April – Nikki Hill’s Female Tonic

It’s yummy, floral and comes in a great pot!

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Day 5 – 3rd April – Bellevue Decaf Tea

Standard tea, not an Earl Grey, this has got flavour and is really nice – contrast to normal decaf teas!

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Day 6 – 4th April – Bellevue Lemon and Ginger

More ginger than lemon which I really like!

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Day 7 – 6th April – Punjana black Tea

It is quite strong, a great builders tea but not doing it for me, too strong sadly!

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Day 8 – 7th April – Yorkshire Tea, Malted Biscuit

It tastes like you are sipping biscuits, I tried this a few months ago and couldn’t get enough of it! It’s a sippy rather than a gulp tea!

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Day 9 – 8th April – Lady Grey

I’ve had this before, but this has a serious hit of zesty lemon, it’s an interesting new taste! Floral and lemony! Not going to be a regular

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Day 10 – 9th April – West Country Smugglers Gold

I went for milk and I had to add a sugar – there is no floralness, which I do enjoy, its softer than a Yorkshire tea or PG tips! Would recommend to those who don’t like Earl Grey

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Day 11 – 10th April – Yorkshire Decaf Bedtime

It has nutmeg and vanilla in, it’s like a chai, seriously yummy!! AND DECAF!!

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Day 12 – 11th April – Bellevue Tea Berry Infusion

It’s like a watered down ribena without the sugar, nice and healthy!

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Day 13 – 13th April – Nikki Hill’s Female Comfort

Not only is it delicious but it’s also focuses around your menstrual cycle, it’s super herbal and floral

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Day 14 – 14th April – Pukka Liquorice and Cinnamon

Not it looks a bit grim, but tastes very chocolate-y, over the cinnamon and liquorice, it might be a grower

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Day 15 – 15th April – Dorset Tea

Standard black tea, I did add milk and a sugar, it’s actually really delicious, a good one that tastes a little bit like Yorkshire Tea

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Day 16 – 16th April – Miles West Country

Now this is slap in the middle of the Yorkshire tea and PG tips, I’m quite enjoying it, it’s granny but less grainy! I’m enjoying it

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Day 17 – 17th April – Dorset Earl Grey

It is delicious, not as floral and I’m used to or would go to by choice, but it’s really nice

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Day 18 – 18th April – Bellevue’s Camomile tea

I find it normally very weak but this one has got lots of flavour

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Day 19 – 20th April – Dorset Fruit Punch

Basically tastes like I am at a BBQ, having a good time, would work well in a cake or over ice – a bit like rhubarb but with more flavour!

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Day 20 – 21st April – Bellevue’s Jasmine Pearl

Very very subtle floral tones, it’s intriguing and a slow burner but I like it

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Day 21 – 22nd April – Cornish Tea

It’s not herbal, it’s in between a Dorset tea and a Yorkshire Tea – much nicer and calmer! I added some honey because it’s not an earl grey, but very nice!

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I hope you’ve found some delicious teas out of this!

Thank you, it was fun to taste them!!