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From dairy herd numbers to the thing that frustrates Amy, the marketing expert, the most on social media

We discuss how to get into farming, making farming accessible online, learning how to put yourself online, why Amy uses social media and there is a curve ball in the answers to the questions… 

Amy can be found at: The Dairy Daughter / Pastures Green Communications 

Verena can be found at: GirlAboutTheYard

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Tania Coxon/ Country Girls UK

Tania Coxon is an arable farmer and founder of Country Girls UK. Which organises women’s shooting and social events across the UK for those looking to get involved in country life through a friendly community. 

We discuss building a community of supportive ladies, realities of shooting, how to get into it and why social media is powerful

Tania can be found at: CountryGirl_andLabradors

Country Girls UK can be found at: Country Girls UK Instagram Facebook

Verena can be found at: GirlAboutTheYard

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Victoria Brant/ Wimpy Eventer

A different type of podcast this week; it’s more of a conversation on the topic of ‘do people need a licence to have a horse’? We love a heated discussion, and this is no different! Be sure to let us know what you think 

Vic can be found at: WimpyEventer WimpyEventer.com Facebook

Verena can be found at: Instagram

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Evie Lewis

Welcome to my chat with Evie from Evie Lewis Photography – country lifestyle and equine photographer, based in Suffolk!

We discuss quick fire questions, how to get good behind the camera and how to start a business alongside university. Burnout is mentioned and you should sign up to Evie’s newsletter… it’s worth it’s weight in gold. 

Evie can be found at: EvieLewisPhotography IG Evie Lewis Photography

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Nicki Coe

Nicki Coe is Co-Founder of LUNA + LION. A marketing agency on a mission to empower lifestyle brands by injecting energy and inspiring bravery. Nicki also runs her own business coaching practice for daring dreamers looking to take their business to the next level.

Outside of marketing and coaching, Nicki can be found exploring the latest things London has to offer – restaurants, galleries, pop-ups. For her, it’s all about having an adventure and laughing with other people on the way!

Topics we cover: Starting a business in COVID, creating working online, internet boundaries, marketing tips

Nicki can be found at: Luna and Lion Agency Nicki_Coe

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Issy Watts

This week, I am chatting to Issy from Wizz and Wild, Issy is a South West based Florist and Grower producing romantic and wild flowers inspired by the seasons. 

We discuss trusting the seasons, starting a business in a pandemic, moving from city life to country life and if oasis is bad…

Issy & Wizz and Wild can be found at: WizzandWild Wizz & Wild.com

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Charlie Gray

This week; I’m chatting to Charlie; a mummy to 3 children and a wife to Simon, with a background of fashion, retail, interiors, holiday rentals, and childcare and a love of homemaking, cooking, gardening, animals, exercise and all things practical to make our lives’ easier.

She is full of energy and love getting stuck in! Whether that’s in the garden or cooking up a feast! Organising a party or greeting B & B guests! Or watching a good movie while tackling a pile of ironing! (fitted sheets are her speciality!)

Over the years, with a varied background and a wonderful mother that taught her so much, she has picked up lots of different skills, which is exactly why she started Ask Charlie – She is acutely aware that a lot of these practical skills that were passed down from parents have been lost over the passage of time. And without home economics lessons being taught any more, I hope with Ask Charlie; you feel empowered! Every day Charlie am learning new ways to do things and hopes to share this with you.

Charlie can be found at: AskCharlieHow Ask Charlie How

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Georgie Round

This week I chat to Georgie Round – who is a professional show jumper based in England. We discuss the mental approach to nerves in the ring; getting from 80cm to Grand Prix and how she used to love dressage until something happened. 

She is a humble horse rider who is going from strength to strength. Since we recorded, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and remains to be as up beat as she is on the podcast.

Listen to her question on her favourite drink… I was shocked! 

Georgie can be found at: Georgina Round

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Claudia Criswell

Claudia is a Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in digestive health, mental health and disordered eating. Claudia offers a completely tailored and personalised approach to health, addressing the root cause of her client’s symptoms whilst guiding them through behavioural and habit change techniques to ensure long lasting success in reaching their health goals. 

Claudia can be found at: ClaudiaCriswell_ ClaudiaCriswell.com

Verena can be found at: GirlAboutTheYard

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Jess – Gee Gee & Me

Topics we cover; the blogging world, how to get into it, how to stay true to your approach and is blogging dead

It’s worth a listen – Jess’ question answers are sensational

Jess can be found at: Geegeeandme GeeGeeandMe.com

Girl About The Yard Chats to…Olivia Towers

Olivia Towers – Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Influencer

Topics we cover: the rollercoaster of getting to Dressage Grand Prix, burn out, what it is like to wear tails and what it takes to be a dressage rider and how Olivia is learning all over again

Olivia can be found at: Instagram Facebook OliviaTowersDressage

Verena can be found at: Instagram

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Sophie Harding

Sophie Harding – a farm vet

Topics we cover: getting into vet school, dream surgeries and the gender experience as a vet

Sophie can be found at: Instagram

Verena can be found at: Instagram

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Alison Brough

Alison Brough – Vet and deer hunter, we discuss deer management, sustainable meat choices, ethical conflict of being a vet and hunter, gap between consumer and product, ways to eat game.

It’s our time to take control of what we eat and how we go about sourcing it!

Alison can be found at: Instagram

Girl About The Yard Chats to… Charlie Beaty

Charlie – one of the leading experts in her farming field (pun intended). We chat eco friendly decisions, what’s missing between consumer and producer and she’ll have a straight G&T if you’re offering…

Charlie can be found at: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Verena can be found at: Instagram