Own Your Ride

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Are you wracked with guilt about the lack of work you’re doing with your horse?

Or, perhaps you are you struggling with motivation or structure when you’re in the saddle?

Do you lack the time to really make a difference to your horse’s way of going when you do get to ride?

Are you confused about the exercises you should be using between your lessons for your horse’s stage of training?

Did I hear the faint whispers of a yes?!

What if I told you there was a way you could maximise your time in the saddle EVERY TIME you were on-board?

Own Your Ride provides busy riders like you with simple, effective, structured training sessions to ensure you get the most out of every ride. 

Whether you are out on a hack or have 20 minutes in the arena, Own Your Ride will give you the exercises, motivation and structure you need to make each session count.

With trainings covering everything from bringing your horse back into work and improving your walk, to working on your own core strength and balancing your circles, Own Your Ride is your friendly, in-pocket training resource, available anywhere, anytime. 

If you are tired of getting off your horse feeling like you’ve wasted your ride and want to turn your guilt about not riding into inspired action in the saddle – Own Your Ride is PERFECT for you!

Join the membership – monthly/quarterly/annual price available – and feel proud of what both you and your horse have achieved, every time you finish your ride.