How to enjoy horses without the commitment

How to enjoy horses without owning the horse. Or ‘owning’ in the physical do everything or most things sense.

Many people love horses, from the art decor for your house to the countryside lifestyle that comes with horses but timings and purse strings do not necessarily allow for the actual owning of the horse.

Worry not. There are many ways of enjoying the horse without the physical owning or responsibility all year round.

Here are a few options, I have considered doing all of these and some I do now. Variety really is the spice of life!

Helping a friend

Got a friend who needs someone to take pictures at that event, or is doing an online dressage competition; it’s time to dust off the wellies and get out there. Not only is it help them with what they’re looking for, there’s also the chance to get the horse smell and horse cuddles that we often crave.

Not sure where to find these people? People aren’t the ones to come to you, usually, or come forward to ask, most horse owners know that they have signed away part of their life/friendship group to this mad lifestyle choice so are very slow to ask friends to help.

Wing your friend a text saying you’re available if they need help at anything or if they’d like a photographer. If it suits, they’ll quite literally bite your hand off.

Word of advice; ask the horse owner what they does want help with, rather than assuming because everyone does things differently!

Racehorse Syndicate

Everywhere in the country there are lots of people getting together to pay for a leg or muscle in the next Red Rum or the next Frankel. It’s never been so easy to get involved; not only are there benefits like seeing your horse on television should they be declared and run at such a level, but you’re also able to meet like minded horse lovers. Without having to smell like horse or even endure the outdoors.

Some of the best horses are owned by syndicates.

How do you get into this? Google racehorse trainers around you then see what comes up, and see what their stats are like – looking at their winners or what their runners do normally. Have a nosy online about them and give them a call. They may be on the hunt for someone to chip in ££ or £££ or even £ a month for the luxury. Owners badges are a collectable item, they look as good on the wall as a rosette!

Eventers Syndicate

A new idea is having a share in an eventer; there are the same benefits for the Racehorse owner, lots of opportunities to see the horse and the rider; to get a good run down of how the event went and to be part of their success climbing up the levels.

How do you get into this? Google event horse syndicate. It is that simple.

Event horses are purchased and given to the event rider to ride; the syndicate pay for their living costs and entry fees. It’s worth investigating.

Equestrian vlogs/online viewing

Some people are not as active or even not interested in being outside, with the world as it is, one can now watch all of it happening online; from eventing and the behind the scenes, to yard tours, to masterclasses with experts to riding the cross country course from on board the horse

It is all possible

Google equestrian vlog or ride cross country with me, or Horse and Country TV membership

Ultimately, it’s not all about buying the horse and the financial input, sometimes all that is craved is being part of the community.

Regardless of what involvement one might have, once horsey mad, you’re part of the team!

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