Equestrian Photoshoot – should I, shouldn’t I?

About two months ago, I had my second ever photoshoot with my horse and first ever with Oscar.

I have always owned horses, but having photos of my horse and I is very rare – we do most of our competing or hacking out on or own, so photoshoots are few and far between… until now!!

He was fab, I mean we’ve all seen my insta – he’s a stunner – and I say fab with a pinch of salt – he was patient and obedient but he didn’t respond to any of the ‘now put your ears forward’ stone throwing or the knocking on trees!

Anyway, that wasn’t going to taint my experience – having a photoshoot is something very personal and real but I think it is always something that you will remember and enjoy even if you are insecure about having your photo taken. This is how I feel after the event anyways!

Sam, from Dream Chaser Photography, came to my house – bringing the sunshine with her – and we set to. I wanted to have some stock photos that I could use on my social media which weren’t specifically posed photos as well as the posed photos. Wonderfully, Sam was happy to do both!

I decided to get a second and third outfit involved – which made for some sweaty changing whilst running from location to my kitchen and back – but all in a day’s work eh!?

Sam was brilliant at knowing what she wanted the shot to look like and how to get there – we had some in the trees, in the bluebells and then finally in the stable and arena.

I am so happy to have such fun pictures with Oscar and Lillibet – firstly, because I am always behind the camera and secondly, because I can’t wait to get them out into the internet-etha! In the package, I got a print and then got another 3 made – just so that I can put them all over the house and remind my husband who is the number one!!

As a riding instructor by trade, having stock images helps to expand my photos and when I can double up a motion shot and an advert shot, and I feel that Sam has captured Oscar’s cheekiness so wonderfully in the arena!

Should you have a photoshoot or not? My answer is yes, find yourself a photographer who is confident around horses, and knows what they want – see Sam if you’re in the North West of England, and let them get snapping!!

My dreams with Oscar are to get eventing – our first event together will be the first weekend of next month – and to get out and about over the winter, enjoying the Lancaster coastal beaches for galloping and maybe some hunting if my social life allows!

Mainly we want to grow together, to continue in this fun journey and I have so enjoyed documenting our partnership together with the help fo Sam from Dream Chaser Photography.

Be sure to be following Girl About The Yard to see more shots in action!

Thank you Sam, happy snapping!