Country Fan Gift Guide

Buying for anyone is hard, so I have selected my ideal gifts – ones that I would personally adore! Happy Shopping!

I have chosen things from small businesses and local to the UK; and some bigger companies if you’re not fussed about that kind of thing! Here’s to lots of happy faces when the wrapping paper has been pulled open!


A monthly subscription of £14.99/month (billed annually)

There are complete geniuses on this platform, from cooking to writing to drama. Drive in even for the trial!


The Loo Seat

There is honestly nothing more comforting than going to the loo with a good loo seat. It makes you smile when you see it, laugh when you think about it and want to show off your loo when guests come!

The Loo Seat

The Bag

The lovely thing about these bags is they literally have no set job – keep your pennies tidy, or your cards, or if you’re like me and have too many wires by the bed – I store mine in a bag like this. They’re so beautiful that the messiness of the room is lifted and I just want to keep telling everyone about it!


The Bag

Aprons Are For Life

Honestly, the apron comes out at all times, when you’re painting, pottering around with a messy puppy in your arms, wandering around collecting the washing between pies coming out of the oven or simply keeping your kitchen tidy.

Simply put, there is a use for the apron all merry day long!


The Apron

Because Tartan Is Sexy

Tartan, regardless of whether it’s over your shoulders or in a sash or in a skirt, is sexy. And this skirt says it all – there are lots of different colours, if Black Watch isn’t your vibe AND made to measure for those of us who cannot quite fit into the generic type.

I love mine, it’s warm, holds in at the right bits and most of all, it’s damn right fun! British Made too!


The Skirt

No One Says No To A Cushion

Ideal for adding some light to a dark sofa, or keeping your personality alive, or simply propping you up whilst you chat with friends. Basically, you need one!


The Cushion

The Tray That You Won’t Stop Using

Personalised trays are literally life’s goals. I love love love these designs. They’re sturdy for breakfast in bed, G&Ts, showing off your sweet collection and transporting the left overs around the house that need to go to the kitchen; oh they’re beautiful


THE Tray

The Weekly Planner,

Write down the boring stuff that you don’t want to keep mulling over – when the bins go out, who is taking the dog to the vet, when the hot delivery man will be coming and allow your brain to keep the fun juicy stuff inside!


The Weekly Planner

Leather Driving Gloves, or Simply All The Time Gloves

Everyone needs a pair of these, warm hands are thing of the future; I wear mine to walk the dog, drive, empty drains, potter around looking pretty, avoid putting my hands on other people’s filth at cafes and generally keeping my life in order

£22.99 for the luxury

The Gloves

Sexy Hankies Aren’t Talked About Enough

Hankies, in my opinion, are an extension of one’s personality. These complement it!


The Hankies

When Taking Wellies Off Is Too Much

Sometimes it’s a quick dash to the loo, or to get the dog’s lead and getting the wellies off seems excessive, but the rewashing of the floor is also tedious – let me introduce you to the SLOPPA, £15.50, genius

The Sloppa

So, You Want To Get A Horse?

The humble brag, I wrote a book, a guide to throwing the balls up in the air about horses and deciding if you fancy one; the best thing about it, is you can read it in an afternoon!

Food for thought – £8.99

The Book



    November 17, 2021 / 4:20 am

    Super gift guide !!!

    • verenabowyer
      November 17, 2021 / 11:20 am

      Thank Mary Alicia