4 Books I have loved reading recently

Three out of four of these are real life books, I have recently fallen in love with fantasising that other people’s jobs are mine – like I could be an expert at X or Y, and this has only fuelled a passion reading these books. 

The rom-com in this list is a cutie, it’s a goody… 

Happy reading! 

Can You Hear Me by Jake Jones.


Jake Jones writes as if he’s chatting to you over a coffee. He brings the raw reality of being a paramedic and explains the scenes in laymen terms. As you read you are dropped into his personal life stories and experience how people do and don’t call 999 enough. It’s not all dramatic car crashes and adrenaline rushing scenes, instead some of the simplest events he describes are the most emotional. Jones writes with an air of maturity in that he knows his job well but with the friendliness of someone who would be fascinating to have for supper.

I have a new born respect for the men in green. Thank you, Jones.

The Dark Side of the Mind by Kerry Daynes


For those who enjoy getting into the darker side of the mind. Written in memoirs of her experiences inside wards and her own personal relationships, Daynes writes in both a captivating and analytical style. It was intriguing to know more about the personalities that came out in her chosen topics, but I was at times left wondering if Daynes had her own issues to work out that might have displayed a different view/analysis on some of her subjects. Very enjoyable, The Dark Side of the Mind is definitely something to get your teeth into!

Unexpected Lessons in Love by Lucy Dillon


Jeannie is doubting everything, she’s not sure if Dan is the one for her – and still feels this on their wedding day. She does the right thing by her and her father’s morals, but this results in the unimaginable happening. Jeannie, through this horrid situation, works out her own feelings with love – in parental, marriage, family and friendship – enabling herself to be able to see and understand what she in fact was desiring at the beginning when she accepted an unwanted proposal. 

I had such high hopes in this book, I wanted it to be the plot that I could dream of for weeks to come, but instead it was a bit of a flat starter. I found there was a little too much ‘bumph’ involved and it could’ve gone into depth a bit more into the different lessons… did I in fact learn something of myself and what I desire from love?!

The Secret Midwife by ‘Anonymous’


I could not get enough, written as a memoir and as her own way of collecting her thoughts in a difficult time in her own mental health, ‘Anonymous’ allows us to experience a mixture of different birthing adventures, or experiences as a midwife. When I finished reading, I wanted to jump in a training hospital and get a course under my belt, to try and help the midwifery wards as they are now – with informative details on the NHS being interjected by the writer, you felt like you had done her whole midwife career with her. 

If ‘Anonymous’ were to write again, I will be the first to buy and inhale her second biography. Thank you! 

Let me know if you read any of these, OR have conflicting views to me on any of them. I like discussions!