Product Review: Henri Lloyd Jacket

My dear dear Henri Lloyd – if you’ve been following me on instagram (, you’ll have heard that the jacket has now been demoted. Sadly it has lived it’s best life but is now definitely a ‘rough work’ jacket.I bought the jacket, back in 2013, in a bid to try and impress Rob, seriously – it’s that ridiculous, when he took me sailing, with his family, in our first year of going out.

You know the thing, he says it would be a good idea to own, it was on a deal and I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t trust him judgment (don’t worry, this hasn’t continued… it was only in the impressing stage, he’s stuck with me now! mwahaha!!). Features: fleeced pockets, water tight zips, hi-vis reflectors around the sleeves, adjustable sleeves, fully waterproof,  hi-vis hood, warm, flattering! I have re-washed it in re-waterproof solution maybe 3 times, and it is as good as new each time.

Doing horses everyday, and wearing the jacket every day, does not give the product a relaxed work out – in fact, it has worked jolly hard over the last 5 years. They are true to their word, of being some of the best!!If you need a jacket that keeps you warm, keeps you visible and keeps you dry! Go for Henri Lloyd, renown for their sailing equipment, this has not let the brand, or me down! You may have noticed that the link above is for a child’s jacket, yep – they even give you a confidence boost with the sizing!![wpvideo NxW14GoE]Thank you Henri-Lloyd! Keep up the good work!

What’s your favourite jacket of all time?