Three Pros & Cons For Investing In An Aga

I write to you today, with slippers, three layers on, and purple fingers – and the heating is on.

It is freezing, but mainly because the thick walls in this house are not warm. We have a  3 bed house, with central heating – which is great and I enjoy the comforts of the warmth when I am upstairs. But downstairs, it is always cold, no matter what. I have grown up with a cold house, my father believes in one more jumper rather than heating! I agree though, natural heat and warming is a lot healthier than that of a heater, or central heating. I have one true love which is in the form of an Aga. And I will strive to find some constructive criticism for the jolly old thing!


Always on Your oven is always on, need to make lunch quickly – always on, need to dry your wellies – always on, need to thaw out your hands – always on. Need to cook some food, no worries about having to wait for the oven to heat up – it is all there waiting for you!

House Warmer Not only does it give off enough heat to warm a small house, or the kitchen and sitting room where you live during the Winter, or keep the dog warm and dry after a walk – it can also be wired to heat your radiators, your water, and keep the house moving (so to speak!), one big, powerful, beautiful object can do most things – a bit like an ‘Alexa’ of today!

Clothes Rack We’ve all been there, washed our favourite jumper and then it’s not dry in two days, because the house is not quite warm enough, or had people coming over and realised that our wet underwear is still in the spare room. No worries, with an Aga, you can hang your laundry, or lie your laundry on it over night and Bob’s your uncle… it is dry by the next day! And effectively for free…


Cost Costs an arm and a leg. You can try and fib yourself into getting an electric one, or one that you only put coal into (hello retro!) but it still costs you a lot. Mind you, if it is always on and doing the items in the ‘Pro’ section, this may be a fine way of keeping the £££ to one place only!

Big Events You can just about bet that you will have to use another oven, or give yourself extra time when hosting – Agas just know that you are cooking under pressure and decide to go on holiday. They have worked all Summer, pumping out heat into an already warm room, and then one Christmas Day, you are still trying to cook the Turkey 5 hours later, because it has decided to go on holiday. Just to keep moral up, the best way to avoid this – is to keep it well serviced!!!

Choice Now this is loosely a con, as in it’s only a con if you’re bad at making decisions – there are so many beautiful agas out there, do you want a 3 door? a 4 door? one with a serving top? yellow? green? purple? It is quite a tricky one, but so so worth it!The hours I have spent keeping my bottom warm, and thawing out my feet on our beloved Aga at my parent’s home… don’t make the mistake of not getting one!

Thoughts on a postcard about Agas please… 



  1. Alice
    January 11, 2018 / 8:53 pm

    We have an ever hot! Runs off a 13 amp plug I believe…