10 Steps To Surviving A Horse Trials

In terms of a day out – I know little about days to the beach (#sunburnerforever) or to the shops (#internetshoppingrocks).If you’ve not been to one – horse trials that is – I ask you one question – WHY?If it is because you do not like horses, you need to both get over yourself and realise that shopping is actually a key part of the horse trials!If it is just ’cause you CBA, then fair enough!

  1. Buy a programme

Obviously has all the information that you need, but also, excellent for autographs, spitting your chewing gum out, or some light relief whilst waiting during a break on the Cross Country (XC) Course.

2. Walk the XC course 

Sounds labour intensive, it is labour intensive – but like all things that are hard, you can harvest the fruits of your labours – but eating what calories and body fat you’ve just burnt, in freshly cooked mini donuts, but also you know what the commentator is talking about. And where the tricky jumps are. Walk it backwards though – that way you’ll see horses jumping whilst you’re putting the effort in!

3. Bring the beach bag 

Fill it with: sun cream, phone, cash, camera, umbrella, a working pen, and a rug. You never know what you might need whilst watching your hero jump the XC or watching the pony club games. The working pen is for autographs.

4. Picnic 

Totally worth it – not only because you don’t have to queue but also ’cause you can eat what you want to eat, and at your own time. I would advise eating it prior to arriving if possible – that way you don’t have to carry it or go back to the car and get it. Bring extra water though – this is always essential.

5. Power Walk 

There is only so long that you can trail behind everyone going at a snail’s pace, and you miss out of the good spot. Be that guy.

6. Sunglasses and cap/sun hat

Whether it’s rain or shine, these are essential. Excellent for hiding from your ex, avoiding a bolshy client or people watching.

7. Browse but purchase later

The internet has deals, the shops put their prices up when they go to a show. Be clever, look before you buy. Do your research though – some deals are show only too.

8. Buy sweets 

I know above it says don’t buy – but do buy sweets. Sugar is essential on days out, especially if you’re walking a lot and sweating a lot. Trust me.Gob Stoppers are excellent for screaming children/annoying friends. Bananas and Strawbs are part of your 5-a-day. Winner.

9. Leave the dog at home.

You either loose it or it gets bored and runs off. Or worst of all, it cocks its leg on a stand, or stall. I wouldn’t risk it – sleeping and in front of the AGA or in its bed at home, definitely tops a day at the show. The four legged friend doesn’t love horses or people trampling on him!

10. A good camera. 

Who knows who might be around the corner for a #selfie ? Also, horse trials do competitions for the best photo these days – don’t miss out.

Have a good time – that’s probably the most fundamental. Enjoy the day out from your normal life, and with all your favourite people, heroes and stands in the same place.

And the season has only just begun! **punches the air**